Life can`t be explained
It can only be experienced

The eternal summer
is in our soul

Be fearless in the pursuit of
what sets your soul on fire

Everything you search for
is already within you

Most people are
preparing to live soon

Die with memories
not dreams

The joy I seek,
can only be created from
the joy I have within

Even in the dark,
there is some light

The wisdom of life is
turning off the nonessential things

Happiness comes to
those who laugh

You don`t have a life
you are life itself

With every thought, word and
action we create our own reality

Be the change you
want to see in the world

Life begins
where fear ends

A negative mind will
never give you a positive life

Simplicity is the
result of maturity

If you`re searching for that
one person that will change your life,
take a look into the mirror

You lose most of your time
trying to gain time

Sometimes we just need some time in a
beautiful place to clean our head

If we were meant to stay in one place,
we`d have roots instead of feet

Never regret anything
that made you smile

When you change the way you
look at things, the things you look at change

Expect nothing and
you will never be disappointed

The entire universe is inside you

Use your smile to change the world –
Don`t let the world change your smile

Live the life
that is worth to live